Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Best Book

Just finished reading, and crying about, Rain Reign, by Ann M. Martin.  In my opinion, Rain Reign is the best book in the universe.   I spent the last 30 pages crying away in public, at the coffee shop.  No one even noticed and I didn't even care. Thank you coffee shop patrons for not intervening as I convulsed over the best book on the table in front of me.

Everyone in this place looks pretty cheerful, but who knows? The woman who is the daughter of a Rosie the Riveter is here as usual.  She is working on a crossword.  She brings her own mug from home every day for her coffee.  It's a white ceramic mug with a peacock feather pattern. I hope she's well.


mm said...

I love that she brings her own mug. Do you have a favorite mug?

Anonymous said...

Boo Globus! Boo! Ann Martin is a genius!!

KC said...

I also dislike the globus!!! I can't wait to read this book.

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