Friday, March 18, 2016

The Show

We left Pine Mountain today. I liked it there a lot.  On our last night, I tried to convince my parents that Naked and Afraid is a good show.  My mom shook her head and scoffed that this show was as bad, if not worse, than my other favorite show, The Bachelor. My dad asked why the people had to be naked.  After watching awhile, my mom went back to reading.  My dad claimed, "This is no different than how we spent our days back in Dorchester, scrabbling to survive, constantly on the look out for food.  Were we naked?  No. But believe me in all other respects, it was very similar to this."


Anonymous said...

You should gather up all these stories and write a book, my dear. And that dog looks like Mini!!!

Ms. W. said...

I really like the quotes from your dad. That dude is hilarious.

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