Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Results

Karl with a K
 We watched the election results together last night and Dad was upset about Hillary's wins.  He said, "I'm going to bed where I'll weep into my pillow."

The morning started off discordantly, but then Mom strongly suggested we cease all forms of political bantering.  We took our coffees out on to the deck and looked at the lake and the birds.  We saw some ducks and some herons.  Mom and Dad taught me about an old song called Rory Get Your Dory, There's a Herring in the Bay."  BarETBeth came by and took us out to lunch in Chipley.

Kudos to us for turning it around.  We're all good people and there's nothing to be angry about when we're on spring break in Pine Mountain.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Kudos to you. We all know where we stand so let's just drop it. Pine Mountain sounds grand.

mm said...

I kinda agree with your dad and think crying in a pillow is a good choice.

KC said...

It's easy to forget everything we have in common when we're quibbling.