Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Azaleas

We had one mission today and one mission only----to check out the 20,000 azaleas blooming at Callaway Gardens. In short, we got the job done.  After walking along the azalea trail, we found the perfect picnic spot. I'm pretty impressed with the sandwiches I made, to tell you the truth. Now we're relaxing.  Lupe's napping next to me as I blog.

The only snag in this restful vacation spot is a persistent beep that goes off every minute or two.  Dad and I have searched for the source, but we can't find it.  Mom can't hear it and gloats, "I swear this deafness ends up being a blessing so much of the time!"


mm said...

I would like a picture of Lupe sleeping while you blog. Sounds like a delightful day sans the beeping.

Anonymous said...

Your mom is my new role model. She finds the joy iife!!

Anonymous said...

SO glad y'all got to see the azaleas in bloom----looks glorious! B&B

Ms. W. said...

Those damn beeps really chap my hide. I'm glad for your mom.