Tuesday, March 22, 2016


#TwinTuesday brings us a candy box and a pastry brush.  Every year good friend Janet sends us spring gifties.  I find that amazing.  Every year for decades. I'm always surprised and over the moon thrilled to receive her packages. Thanks, Janny!  I don't know why we have the pastry brush.  I didn't even know it was a pastry brush, but Husbandman filled me in.
    My brother K is in the hospital.  He had open heart surgery yesterday.  He had a birth defect called a bicuspid valve, so a new valve was ordered up.  I'm filled with worry today about his recovery which I've read will be long, slow and painful.  Maybe I'll send him some gifties.  Gifties do tend to bring cheer.


Mrs. Guinn (a.k.a. Mandie) said...

Same valve Jason had replaced in 2013 and he had the same defect too. It is genetic, btw, so your kids should be screened.

LH said...

I was thinking about Jason and wondering if there was a connection, Mandie.
Thanks for telling me about this.

Anonymous said...

Poor guy. I'm so sorry!

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