Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Paralysis

Shopped for food stuffs for our adventure yesterday---english muffins, wine, potato chips. When we got to the market, Mom seemed to be taking her time getting out of the car.  Then she laughed, "Oh I always forget that my seat belt is on.  I panic every time and think, 'I'm paralyzed!' but then I remember that I'm buckled in."  This struck us both as hilarious.

We're heading to Pine Mountain Georgia today.  We're bringing two dogs, Lupe and Karl with a K.  I'm hoping the azaleas are in bloom at Calloway Gardens.


Anonymous said...

Full disclosure...I do that sometimes with the seat belt. Only I don't laugh. Is that Karl the dog? He's beautiful!!

LH said...

No, this is Gurley. Our newest friend. She's a good dog, if a bit hyper.

mm said...

I think Gurley looks delightful.

KC said...

I'm paralyzed! Haha. I can relate.