Tuesday, March 08, 2016


Whale Shark and Passport over here.  A dreamy kind of combo.  Check out the twin over at Word Savvy's Place.

FYI:  I would not see The Treasure if I were you.  I hated that movie.  Husbandman has this to say, "It was a waste of film.  I wish that after digging the hole in his backyard the protagonist had simply buried the director.  Alive."  It's about 2 guys who dig for treasure in a backyard.  It's getting a solid ZERO on the fist of five.


KC said...

Wow! This is the most negative review you've ever posted, I think! I almost want to see the movie to share your indignation.

LH said...

I really hated that movie a lot. It got quite good reviews and I really don't understand that.

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