Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Grades

IU Alumni Show Grunwald Gallery

The hideous computer lab tests are behind us and the leadership training is over.  Friday was time for me to get back with my peeps.  We had a 2 hour delay, so I pretty much started my day with 2 hours in the cafeteria, living the dream.  After that I spent time with preschoolers, then 5th graders, then 6'ers.  With the preschoolers, I worked on writing and performing our original poem about fall.  They're studying seasons.  It was tough stuff, but I think our fall performance basically kicked ass over the other seasons. The others were good, but when it comes to adding sound effects to fall activities, we can't be beat. For the big kids, I finished up the One Book One Fairview project at last, reading, drawing and writing about Frida Kahlo.  The fifth graders were awesome. They freaked out when they found out that Frida was married to Diego Rivera because they're studying a Rivera mural right now for Artful Learning.  The sixers were a little tougher.  They had a guest teacher who was excellent, but you know how that goes.  I still love the sixers though.  They've got cat class and they've got cat style.  I wish my job could be more teaching oriented and less testing/data oriented. I guess everyone in school-land wishes this right now. Let's work on that peeps.  We're so past ready for a social/political shift in our schools, way past ready for decreasing the importance of standardized testing.  I know, Preaching to the Choir yadda yadda yadda.  But still, keeping the dream alive can't be bad.


mm said...

We all need to "keep the dream alive."

Anonymous said...

I'm a tappin' my toes and waiting.

KC said...

One of the very best things about working in an independent school is freedom from those damn tests. I too am keeping the dream alive.