Thursday, August 03, 2017

The Re-Entry

 It's time to get into the school site.  Come on, Lee, You can do this!  It's already afternoon and I'm taking my sweet time about it.  I read Gail Collins' great piece about the special weeks that the current administration keeps touting. Infrastructure Week.  Hero Week.  I'm going to call this Re-Entry Week.  Vacation's been top notch and now I'm ready to connect with some new peeps and create some fun stuff with them.  Connect and Create might be my mantra this year.  I'm not committing to it yet though.  Sometimes I don't come up with the mantra until October. See how I'm into slowing everything down?  It takes a lot of slow to grow, Karla Kuskin tells us. I can't slow it down until I start moving.  But once I start moving, I'm going to move so slowly that  I might even come grinding to a halt.  Who can say? The sky's the limit, when my heart is in it.


mm said...

"I can't slow it down until I start moving." Sage advice... love it...

I'll also use the Kushman quote in the future.

cb said...

Come back!! That probably isn't helping. But, really, please come back.


KC said...

Go slow to go fast is one of my mantras this year!!