Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Revisions

This bragging challenge is really a challenge at times.  Most days, it's fun and funny to sound so obnoxious, but other times, I feel somewhat repulsed by my own self.

But soldier on we must.  We have 8 more days of November and this is the November bragging challenge and no one ever said it was going to be for the faint of heart.

So... what to brag?  What to brag?

I'm not doing anything amazing right now, per se, BUT I am getting down a few ideas for the revision of chapter 2.  And even though I don't have a book contract and may never have a book contract, I did have a phone call with the editor on Monday and I have been working on this proposal for her for 3 years and I'm really sick of it, but I've never given up on it and though I do procrastinate, I also do end up getting some revisions done and not too many people in their right mind would keep working on something like this, but I made a commitment to myself to finish the proposal and I'm honoring that commitment even though it's meant a great deal of personal sacrifice so when you think about it, my perseverance could be considered impressive if looked at in the right light.

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