Monday, November 23, 2015

The Brags

1.  Last year Mitzker and I collaborated on a cool project with the Thirdlanders.  We read and researched articles from Time For Kids News Magazine. Mitz is heading to LRA next week to talk about this project.  I decided not to go because I need to work on the book proposal (see reference to personal sacrifice in earlier post).  I met with Mitz yesterday evening for some food and drink and she went over her power point with me.  It really was an amazing project and Mitz has presented it brilliantly.  I'm feeling proud that literacy researchers from hither thither and yon will get to hear about the awesome Thirdlanders of yore. Our respondent even wrote that the work was "stunning."  So I guess I've got some bragging rights to share with one and all.

2. As November wears away, it's getting harder to find stuff of note to brag about.  Once the family arrives, they can help me think of great things about me for the final week of the challenge.  Get ready for greatness, Family!   Husbandman could do better in the department of Continually Complimenting, truth be told. But let's get real people. As I've been putzing around with revisions the last few days, he's been doing a million errands to get ready for our company.  We're all going to have   to cut him some slack.  I am officially double bragging today.  Not only did I collaborate on a cool project, I ended up collaborating on my life with the one and only Husbandman.  SCORE!


mm said...

Both are brag worthy.

LH said...

I keep thinking about Cheetohs.

Anonymous said...

The life time collaborating is the most important.

LH said...

It is important. I'm feeling extra lucky today to have that character in my life. He's making a soufflé for me for
Thanksgiving dinner. This is bringing me joyfulness.

KC said...

Can you please somehow get me the stunning slides??