Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Greens

I joined the green smoothie challenge last week and I'm happy to report that I have had a green smoothie every day since Tuesday.  I almost messed up one day and was already having a glass of wine after sunset when Beau Diddley and 20 Something helped me hop back on the challenge train.  20 Something said, "You can have an off day, but you can't have a day off."  So, with the help of the young, I took a wine break and created and consumed yet another green smoothie.  After that day, I decided to always start the day with the green smoothie, rather than putting the smoothie challenge off for later.

We had a beautiful week here in the heartland. The weather was dismal, but we got outside, learned about our IU campus and our Brown County and we saw movies and created a veritable feast and made t-shirts.  We saw #1 play some music at a crowded and noisy pub.  We had the best week ever and I do like to brag so I'll tell you that the crossroads of America didn't disappoint our visitors from all over the country, hither thither and yon. They all want to move here and are looking into buying some midwestern real estate.  We miss them a lot already so we can't wait for the relocations.


mm said...

it sounds like a great break!

kc said...

Can you share some details about how you're feeling on the green smoothie challenge? There was a tip I read that greatly increases my smoothie enjoyment - blend the greens and the liquid first before adding the fruit.

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