Wednesday, November 04, 2015

The Bragging Challenge

We've had some requests for details about the Bragging Blogging Challenge.  Or as I like to sometimes call it, "BraggersUnite2015."

So here's all there is to it.  Every time you blog in November, you have to brag about something. Bragging's gotten a bad rap of late and it's time to take back the BRAG and use it for our own purposes.

Time for the Midweek Brag.

Firstly, I'm super pleased with myself for working for a school system that organizes a day of talks around race and gender equity issues.  I really enjoyed sitting with friends talking about race and gender and white privilege.  I'm the kind of cool cat who can get into this kind of chat.  That's just how I roll.

And here's another thing that's awesome for and about me.  Mitzker is taking me out to dinner at Tallent for my birthday this very night.  Come to find out, I ate at Tallent with the fam on Saturday night. Everyone knows Tallent is one of the best restaurants in the continental United States.  I'm so great for eating at Tallent.

Lastly, I forgot to tell you about this because I've been stuck in a humdrum humility rut for a few weeks, but I recently ran the New York Marathon and came in 3rd in my age group. Running the marathon was a completely enjoyable couple of hours for me.  The city looked great and so many people lined the course, holding signs of support for me.  I love NY and come to find out, NY loves me.  Why wouldn't they?

So, do you see how the bragging is obviously going to be the best way to blog us through November???  Hop on the BRAGBLOGChallenge.  Shake off that humble bumble suit you've been wearing and let your BRAG FLAG FLY!


mm said...

You're killing me. When I started reading about you marathon, I wondered if I was actually reading KC's blog. Thinking I hadn't been paying attention, I went back to the top. I see what you did here. It also eases my stress about this bragging thing.

KC said...

I'm laughing so hard. Great brags!!

jdoc said...

Well, I for one am so pleased to have this extra info about Bragapalooza 2015! I'm in. Also, congrats on the marathon. You've earned, like, a whole year off from running now!

Anonymous said...

scooter division?

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