Saturday, November 21, 2015

The First Snow

Mom and Bro make a pie.  Foto Credit:  Faitho
It's the day of the first snow.  Hoorah!

Today I'm in the house.  I'm supposed to be writing another revision of Chapter 2 for my writing proposal, but come to find out I've got my priorities straight.

I'm looking at the snow and eating pistachios.  I think I might even take a nap.

I know.  You're all thinking about how amazing I am with the procrastination skills, but  I doubt anyone really knows how phenomenal I am at avoidance and fritterance.  Sorry if you think you do know, but you don't. There are no words.

I'm happy to be on break.  Everyone's coming in this week and I'm very pleased to tell you that we're going to have a newcomer in our midst.  20 Something is bringing home Beau-Diddly.  He's going to love it here.  We're planning on buying a few new board games to keep the crew enchanted over this chilly week in America's heartland. I'll probably win most of the games, but of course I'll be charming about it.  That's just how I roll.


Anonymous said...

Charming photo. Love it! Your mom is the best!

mm said...

I'm already voting Beau-Diddly's hand turkey as the best. I do get a vote; don't I? Yep, his is the best of the group although all are wonderful.

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