The Stress

I went to Georgia and to Florida last week.  My parents are doing well thanks for asking.  We did a lot of fun activities together and then on the last day of our visit, my parents suffered simultaneous falls.  They went down together, staring into my eyes as I reached out for them, both sailing slowly backward like flat Stanleys, smacking down on the pavement outside their front steps.  It was scary and sad and infuriating.  I wanted everything to be perfect for my whole trip.  Upshot is this --- Mom's elbow is a mess.  Dad may have broken a rib. As for me, frankly I am traumatized. Mom and Dad, you've got to do better.  I can't handle the stress of your constant falling.  I love you both a lot.  Please knock it off with the balance issues.



Well-written blog; upsetting content.
mm said…
I'm never disappointed when I open your links. My thoughts are with your parents!
Anonymous said…
Falling is the enemy of the old. I hate it. I'm sorry.
kc said…
Oh no! I'm terribly sorry about the falls, and I hope everything is on the mend.
Julie said…
This kind of thing is totally unnecessary! Remind them of that. Sorry for the falls and your stress.
LH said…
I will mention it to them. Of course, DAN doesn't want to use a cane. Claims he doesn't need it.

I beg to differ, Mister!

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