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The Hotel

 Husbandman and I are staying at a pleasant hotel called Graduate Minneapolis.  In the room, there are artifacts representing people who are from this fine city.  We have a large oil painting of Loni Anderson and a jacket (framed behind glass) that once belonged to Herb Brooks.

I'm familiar with Loni Anderson, though I never knew she was from the Land of Lakes.  Loni Anderson has spoken out against cigarette smoking because both her parents died of emphysema.  I support Loni Anderson's work on this important health issue.

I had never heard of Herb Brooks before, so Husbandman filled me in on some of his big accomplishments.  I've spent some time learning about him on the internets.  If I have to look at his jacket upon waking up each morning, I should know a bit about the man.  It's just common sense.

Herb inspired many ice hockey players to do their best and to play with heart.  He told people to be "uncommon" because common people go nowhere.  He also said that "Legs feed the wolf."  Not sure what that means, but I'm ready to ponder this potentially inspirational idea throughout my day.


KC said…
I can't believe you didn't know about Herb Brooks! I'm glad to know you now do. He was memorialized by Kurt Russell in the classic film, Miracle. I always cry in that movie. Every damn time.

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Tonight I texted #1 Son to ask him what he was up to.  I do that fairly regularly because I'm always curious about what he's doing.  He said he was going to some sit-ins.  You may think he's going to some protests, but come to find out, sit-ins for #1 means that he's sitting in with some bands.  FYI:  He'll be playing three gigs when we're visiting him in New Orleans next week. Woohoo.

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Very funny, Chum.

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