The Club
I hosted the book club last night.  We discussed Woman in the Window, a fast paced thriller with some good surprises.  If you want to read that book, you should.  The author was an editor.  He has since quit his editing job and is now just a plain old writer.  I wonder what it was like for him to work with an editor to revise.

I picked the book this month, so I was a little nervous that we wouldn't have a ton of talk around it, but as usual, we did.  This book club of mine really talks about books, which is quite nice.  I've been in book clubs that didn't like to discuss books too much and that got on my last nerve.

Mitzker's in Croatia and Slovenia and she is taking some awesome photographs.  Check out her blog over here.


Mary Moeller said…
I do love a book club that actually talks about the books. Well done!
KC said…
Omg, connection. My friend Jackie is also in Croatia and Slovenia!
LH said…
I want to go there now. Like .... at once.

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