The Obituary

 "He had a rough start in life, but was able to overcome all of that."

When I read this line in Mr. F.'s obituary this morning, I felt frustrated as all get out.  Geez Louise, don't tease.  Tell me more about this rough start.  Tell me more about the overcoming.  Don't leave me hanging.  

I'm slowly getting over it.  Mr. F.'s family probably wants to focus on the good times.  I can learn from Mr. F. that rough starts can be overcome and life can be happy and good.  End of story.

May you rest in peace, Mr. F.  


Anonymous said…
There's a gallery in Denver that sells those tiles and I always stop and enjoy them. jw
Julie said…
Lee and I used to have fun coming up with obituaries for each other. Morbid, I guess, when I think about it, but at the time it was quite fun because they were always humorous. But I agree with you that they often leave you wanting to know more. I am especially tickled when they include funny nicknames such as "Bob (Booboo) Smith" or the like.
LH said…
Bob (BooBoo) Smith made me laugh.

Yes, I thought the line in Mr. F.'s obit was sweet... Kind of like....Well, he struggled, but let's not get into it.

Mine will probably say something like...

She wasted time like nobody's business!

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