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Saturday's CPR training went well.  Come to find out, I didn't need the first aid part of the class, so I got to leave early.  I know how to do CPR and I also know how to use an AED.  AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator.

I'm now obsessed with locating the AEDs in all facilities.  At the airport yesterday, I pointed out the AED to Husbandman.  "If I need to start doing CPR on someone around here, I'm going to need you to run over here, open up this box and pull out this AED.  Bring it to me at once. Also, call 911."  Husbandman's response didn't inspire confidence, but I'm sure he'll do the right thing when the time comes.

I know where the AED is here in the hotel.  Unfortunately, it's downstairs in the lobby which is going to be a hassle if someone up here on the sixth floor needs CPR.  Sidenote:  Husbandman and I are spending some days in Minneapolis.  Fun times indeed.  Just spent 3 hours straight talking to KC and we didn't even get through 30% of the stuff on our talk about list.

Anyway, I was considering buying my own AED because what if the one at a location is out of batteries or is damaged in some way?  Also, I may want to carry around a small disposable razor because if I'm doing CPR on a hairy chested person, I'm going to have to remove that hair quickly so the AED nodes can adhere to the skin and administer the shock efficiently.  Come to find out, an AED costs about 1,400 dollars.  So I'm holding off on buying my own at this point in time.  In the meantime, I'm constantly keeping my eyes peeled for the AED nearest me and I strongly suggest you do the same. If you're nervous about using an AED, don't be.  Once you turn it on, the machine tells you what to do one step at a time.


mm said…
I'm also thinking about carrying around a disposable razor since I always seem to miss a thin strip somewhere when I shave. Perhaps I'll have it with me when I see you!
kc said…
I'm glad to know you're certified and prepared. What a relief.
Anonymous said…
So, you use an AED instead of doing CPR if one is available?
LH said…
Judith, the answer to that question is NO. You alternate between CPR care and AED shocks. Don't have high hopes if you're doing CPR/AED with an adult. Only 40% chance of survival. With a kid, 80%. Also, don't use the AED on a baby. I'll give you the training when I get home. Also, we need to find out where the AED is at our school.
Julie said…
I, too, and trained and ready to administer AED/CPR. Also got trained on using an epi pen, which is good because grandson has nut allergies and has an epi pen. But no, the survival stats are not very good despite anyone's best efforts. I was discouraged to hear that.
LH said…
We get epi pen training every year at school. So many kids have them now.

I was discouraged too about the stats, but I guess that 40% is better than 0%.

We have to do our best and forget the rest.

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