Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Truth

Sol Lewitt
Cleaning out the basement over the course of this summer.  Little by little.  Slow and steady wins the race.  We have put 4 large items out at the end of the driveway and random citizens have taken three away.  When we see an item has been taken by a random citizen, we feel a sense of elation almost akin to getting gifts on Christmas morning.  I veritably want to dance a jig.  So far, random citizens have taken an old cruddy bicycle, a weed whacker that worked fine but we found annoying for some reason and a double adirondack chair with a broken armrest. We did have one item that no one wanted, so we drove it to Goodwill ourselves.  It was an old dresser that Husbandman paid 5$ for in New York when he moved there to be a grad student.  Husbandman is still shocked that no one wanted the dresser.  "It was the best thing we put out there," he pondered.  I'm not sure I agree with Husbandman about the relative quality of the dresser, but I do believe another old adage has evolved into truth, right in front of our very eyes and that gendered adage is this: "One man's trash is another man's treasure."  There's really no way this can be disproven at this point.


Anonymous said...

Recycle and Reuse. Yay for you guys and yay for the folks who have new treasures.

KC said...

I agree with you - there's nothing more fun than people taking your old stuff. This is why I never have garage sales. Instead, I just give it all away. A gal at work just had a garage sale, though, and made over 600 bucks. That could be nice too.

mm said...

I'm actually getting a box (or two boxes) ready to give away.

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