Monday, June 20, 2016

The Facts

Tonight will be a full moon and this moon is called strawberry moon.  Native Americans gave nicknames to all the full moons.  June's full moon is strawberry moon because strawberry season is gearing up right about now.  There have been other nicknames for this full moon.  Hot Moon because of the weather.  Honey Moon because of all the June weddings.  I think I like Strawberry Moon the best.  There's a sweetness coming around and I may try to make one of my famous strawberry short cakes some time soon.  I've made 2 of those and both were quite good.  Or I may look around for someone else to make a strawberry short cake for me because I'm kind of busy right now.
In either case, I'm extremely excited about this summer solstice strawberry moon.  So much promise and potential coming round the bend. Look up tonight. Find the full moon and  claim it as your own. Give it a name if you feel like it.


KC said...

Thanks for the reminder about the moon! And strawberry shortcake. Strawberries are a great fruit.

mm said...

I will certainly look to the sky for tonight's strawberry moon. Happy Summer Solstice.

Judy Williams said...

I never miss an opportunity to look for the moon. Mr. Moon Mr. Moon You're Out Too Soon

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