Monday, June 13, 2016

The Freak

I just read a blurb about Voltaire in Daily Rituals.  He was a super productive writer who followed strict daily schedules and always met or exceeded his daily writing goals. We can all learn a lot from Voltaire.  Or, perhaps, we can ignore Voltaire completely, recognizing that he was probably a privileged freak show off who had no friends.  Down with Voltaire.


Judy Williams said...

It's all just so confusing!

KC said...

I'm LOLing. I'm not to Voltaire yet, but I'm reading that good book about time. Right now, he's talking about routines and linkage. I can get on the linkage train for sure.

The Clickiness

So today I got on a plane and flew to Austin, Texas.  First thing I did when I got here was check into my pleasant hotel.  Then I went to ...