Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Schedule

I have a writing schedule this summer. I'm enjoying this schedule quite a lot.  I work in coffee shops and drink a lot of coffee.  I listen to fascinating conversations around me when my mind wanders.  Case in point.  Yesterday a woman sat down next to a man and said, "It's very chilly in here."
The man jovially countered, "Why don't you order some chili?"
The woman didn't even laugh, but she pulled a sweater out of her bag.  "I hope I don't offend you wearing a blue sweater with black shorts," she said, putting on the sweater.
I couldn't hear the man's reply, which frustrates me to this day.

My goal is to get chapter 3 done by July 1.  That's going to be a long shot, but I'm going to be close.  I'm enjoying my writing schedule.  I have 3 chapters to write before the summer ends and I'm inching one to completion.  The next chapter could be a lot harder.  Unless it's not.  After I got some work done yesterday, I wandered through the Pictura Gallery.  Great photos of wildlife in Tanzania are on display in there right now.  I wish I had all those photos in my house.  


mm said...

I, too, am disappointed about not knowing the answer. I hope he told her to chill.

Anonymous said...

What a weird thing to say to someone. Did she seem to know him? Lovers? Study partners? I need to know more background.

KC said...

Thanks for the update. This makes me feel quite happy. I thought of you this morning as I adhered to my schedule. I thought of you with a feeling of solidarity.

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