Thursday, June 09, 2016

The Radio

Today #1 Son was interviewed about his new album ON THE RADIO! He sounded amazing---smart, fun, cool and casual.   David Brent Johnson played 5 of his songs and talked about the album and other jazzy topics, just like they were old friends.  At the end of the interview, I was crazy proud.  But then my pride took a turn for the worse and transitioned  into jealousy.  I started having a real hankering to be on the radio.  I guess it's time to create another podcast.  I'll probably have #1 Son interview me about some of the great stuff I've accomplished lately.  Right now I'm getting a hair cut and then I'm going to hear #1 Son play some music. Rocking it!


KC said...

I also want to be interviewed about myself. I feel I'd be a great subject. Just saying.

Judy Williams said...

I need to hear this interview. How would this be possible? That's just awesome that he was interviewed on the radio.

mm said...