Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Thursday Creativity Share: Bill Traylor

Thanks to Judith, I just read this book today.  That's how I learned about Bill Traylor.  He started drawing when he was 85 years old and for 3 years he drew like nobody's business, creating over 1,300  drawings.  I'm charmed by this book and by this artist.  Check this guy out right here. Also thanks to Judith, we had a joint venture of World Read Aloud Day and our African American Read In.  The Thirdlanders read books by African American authors and illustrators all day long.  We read to 5 different classes.  At the end of the day, the Thirdlanders looked wiped out.  This pleased me considerably.  These are tough people to tire. This was one of the best days of teaching I've ever had. Happy World Read Aloud Day, Friendies. Hope you get to join an African American Read In this month.  We had such a blast.


Ms. W. said...

This is amazing! Well done, Thirdland! AND, Bill Traylor! What an amazing guy - it's never too late!

mm said...


nancy reynolds said...

What a cool story! I want it!