Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Quartet

1. Today Husbandman and I went off in search of eagles.  We didn't see any eagles but we did see a red shouldered hawk.

2. We have 3 days until we hear about the possible shortening of our school day.  Still very much on my mind.

3. The Thirdlanders are enjoying our African American History Book A Day Project. They've taken to clapping at the end of the books.  We especially liked Sweet Music in Harlem, which is a fictionalized story inspired by Art Kane's 1958 photograph of Harlem musicians.

4. I got a lovely text from a pal this week full of kind compliments.  I was touched and I read it aloud to Husbandman.  He replied, "I get emails like that every single day.  I just don't ever read them to you."      


StreibProjects said...

#4. Hahahhaha.

mm said...

Yay! A solid round of applause can never be a bad thing.

KC said...

I'm laughing at HM. That dynamic is similar to the one we have over here in Westland. Dan says, "Not everyone shares every thought or feeling they have while they're having them like YOU do."

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