Friday, February 26, 2016

The Fortitude

Last night at the meeting I go to where people talk about body weight, there was a woman who was pretty upset.  She had been eating a lot of candy that week and she had no intention of stopping.  People kept giving her ideas for managing her candy intake, but she was having none of it.  The gal was adamant that she wanted to eat the candy and she was going to do it.  I silently applauded this gal.  She does what she wants and she makes no bones about it.  I wish she could be a bit more cheerful about her choices, but as we know, life's full of trade offs.  Case in point.  I'm blogging when I should be going to work, but I want to blog and I'm not going to stop. I'm fairly cheerful about this choice, but I'll admit to a small twinge of anxiety that seems to be growing as I struggle to find appealing random links for this blog post. We soldier on.


mm said...

I'm that girl today. I'm already 150 calories over, and it's only 2:00. I'm continuing to eat candy anyway. In fact, I have a piece in my mouth as I'm typing.

Anonymous said...

And I applaud you for your decision!

KC said...

We all make choices all the time.