Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Snow

Lee Bontecou
I get obsessive at times. Right now I'm obsessing about whether or not we'll get a delay tomorrow. I don't even care if we get one.  I just get obsessed with the not knowing.  My major obsession right now has to do with the length of the school day.  In 2 weeks a decision is going to be made about whether or not to shorten our school day.  I am rooting for a shortening of the day.  I keep asking everyone I know to predict what might happen with this decision.  I keep thinking that someone will leak some critical info to me if I keep asking enough people and then I won't have to wait.  I've got to get some maturity.  But until I do, please let me know if you have top secret information to share.   I would like to leak your info to the public before the official announcement if at all possible.


mm said...

I wish I had top secret information for you, but I will tell you I really like the picture!

StreibProjects said...

Snow day! Now we need info on this shorter day decision ASAP!

LH said...

I do love that picture too, MM. We saw an exhibit of LB's work when the kids were little. #1 Son loved putting his head
into the holes.

Streibie! SNOW DAY!!!! I'm so pleased. What do you think will happen with the shorter day decision????

StreibProjects said...

I want scenario 2!!! What do you want?

LH said...

2 or 3 would both be good. I'm probably leaning more toward 3. But 2 would be okay!