Wednesday, December 23, 2015

#TwinTuesday Better Late Than Never

#TwinTuesday brings us a Raggedy Ann and a winter boot.  Though we're late with #TwinTuesday, KC and I wanted to give you all the gift of #TwinTuesday anyway.  We love everybody who checks out #TwinTuesday every week.  There aren't a lot of you, but you're all important to us.

We are having fun times in the Southland. All is well.  The stockings are hung with care.  The gifts are all wrapped. I'm eating haystacks. The family is loving and sweet. I have the ingredients for a hot wine punch.  I'm trying to figure out when I want the hot wine punch.  It has to be the perfect time. I'm thinking 4:30 this afternoon?


Anonymous said...

4:30 or now sounds perfect to me! Merry Christmas!

mm said...

I always enjoy #twintuesday especially when Raggedy Ann is involved. I think she should make another appearance next year.

KC said...

How was the hot wine?! Sounds interesting. I am so glad we pulled this #TwinTuesday off. #Christmasmiracle

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