Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The Rascals

We had a guest teacher yesterday morning because of my two dental appointments.  Okay, I also went out to lunch with 20 Something and Beau D.  But mostly I was out of school because of my TWO dental-related appointments.  Well come to find out, the guest teacher wasn't too confident about teaching Thirdlanders and the Thirdlanders took every advantage of this opportunity to be the little rascals only they can be.  I am slightly annoyed, but mostly I'm annoyed with the guest teacher who totally disregarded my lesson plans that took me a long time to write.  Still, the Thirdlanders and I are going to be having a conversation about doing the right thing today when we meet together at morning meeting. I'm going to tell the Thirdlanders that while I admire their spunky independence, it can be overdone. Time to rein it in and get back on track.


mm said...

I think I like using guest teacher. It also seems they behaved for a "guest teacher" as they would for a sub.

kc said...

I can't stand it when kids misbehave for guest teachers. Drives me flipping bananas. Also, I hate the reports from the guest teachers. "I don't know what you do, but I don't allow students to walk on desks."

LH said...

I forgot to tell you about my foot still being messed up and tipping off in the wrong direction.