Saturday, December 05, 2015

The Machines

Do you ever use simple machines to solve real world problems?  I use a wedge (knife) to cut lemons for my smoothies. And I might use the wheel and axle of my scooter again soon because my ankle still freaking hurts.  I frequently use pulleys when I volunteer at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center and have to move the tranquilized tigers into the wheelbarrow (lever) in order to get them over to the health clinic when they need x rays. But I don't use screws too often.  There are flat head screws and pan head screws.  There are even round head screws.  And yet it's as if they live in a whole separate world, a world totally foreign to me. Simple machines.  Do I appreciate them enough?  It's something I'm thinking about today.  


KC said...

Thank goodness you're willing to do that dangerous work with the felines. Not everyone is up to the job.

mm said...

I guess I've never given simple machines a thought... thanks!

The Clickiness

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