Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Birth of a New Expression

A few days ago I made up a new expression.  Whenever something is fabulous, I can say, "Fruity Pebbles!"  Here are some helpful examples:

  • I'm on vacation. Fruity Pebbles!
  • That IU game was totally fruity pebbles!
  • I know we're starting before the crack of dawn, but let's have a fruity pebbles road trip!

We're having a conundrum though because Husbandman believes that the expression should be used differently.  In the spirit of the actual cereal, he believes we should use the expression Fruity Pebbles when we THINK something is going to be awesome, but it ends up being kind of godawful  Example:

You're in a good mood because you're walking into a party you've been looking forward to.  The music is good.  Catered food.  Open bar.  But after a couple of minutes you realize you can't stand anybody there and you think to yourself, "I guess this party is fruity pebbles."

I find Husbandman's idea intriguing.  I'm not going to lie.  Can you help us out by weighing in on this if you get a chance?  I want to start using the expression in its best form ASAP. And I'm sure you do as well.  I'll keep you posted.


Julie said...

I like your version better because I think it will get much more usage that way. I find myself feeling fruity people's (positive version) much more often. If I were at the party described I would just decide that I'm going to feel fruity pebbles about the food and drink and make the best of it.

Julie said...

Stupid spell check.

mm said...

I think you're way is better because it's yours, but also because using it the other way could lead to disappointment. I don't think this is the time of year for disappointment.

KC said...

I feel like both usages can be correct and hilarious. Let's just get the expression to trend. #fruitypebbles I'm on it.

nancy reynolds said...

I vote for any chance we can say "fruity pebbles", we should be saying "fruity pebbles"!
"Fruity pebbles to all, and to all a good night!"

Joy said...

I see the merit in both usages! I will have to toss the phrase around a bit before making a decision. See you on Wednesday..FRUITY PEBBLES!! Yeah, I like it!

Unknown said...

Fruity pebbles!! I'm commenting again to test from my mom's iPad!

cb said...

I have trouble viewing Pebbles in a negative way because I love the character and always enjoyed trying to imitate her delightful baby babble. So I have to go with your usage because it is so Fruity Pebbles and a genius idea to elevate the words to another level in the first place.

Wishing everyone a Fruity Pebbles new year.

LH said...

I've decided that Fruity Pebbles will have multiple meanings aligned with multiple purposes. It just makes more sense that way.

Right now I'm about to go on a FRUITY PEBBLES road trip to the peachy state of Georgia. I'm all packed.

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