Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thursday Creativity Share: 13 Words

Lemony Snicket and Maira Kalman have a new book out called 13 Words.  The trailer for this book is fun.  You should watch it if you want.  The Thirdlanders wanted to watch it several times in a row.  I asked them to write their opinions of the trailer.  I wanted to know if the short film worked to make them want to read the book.  Most said they were very much wanting to read the book because of the ad's humor and the style of the artwork.  For me, anything with Maira Kalman's name on it is a must get.  So I was sold before I even watched it.  Thanks, Judith, for sending this film our way.

Thursday Creativity Share:  A little film about a book about 13 words.  Such PANACHE!

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mm said...

I am also bewildered by what this dog does at night!.. Love this!!

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