Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thursday Creativity Share: The Cheese Ball

Check out this creative cheese ball that looks like a hedge hog.  Come to find out, there are some awesome cheese ball creators out there.   Have you ever created a cheese ball?  I for one have not yet created a cheese ball. If I do create a cheese ball this holiday season, I will probably copy cat this cheese ball right here.

You can get this cute little hedgehog cheese ball at our local super sized super market. One of the Thirdlanders and her mom (Good friend Kathala) sent this picture to me because of course I'm going to appreciate the hedgehog cheese ball.

Thursday Creativity Share:  Amazing cheese balls at our local chain store market.  Two thumbs way up.


mm said...

I hope your foot improves and you're running like a cheetah again.

KC said...

Wow. I bet the maker had fun with that.

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