Saturday, October 24, 2015

The World Series

I know you're all excited about the METS in the WORLD SERIES.  As are we.

Yesterday I wore a METS jersey to school, in addition to other clothing articles. We've got a lot of CUBS fans in this neck of the woods, so I took some flak.  I also love our dear CUBBIES, but my first allegiance is to the METS.  You probably remember that I lived in Brooklyn for 2 years and saw a lot of Mets games at Shea Stadium with Husbandman.  Back in the Day.

This morning I listened to a baseball story on the MOTH told by Jimmy Tingle.  It's a fab story and I hope you will listen to it if you want.

This Jimmy Tingle fellow sounds pretty interesting. He has an organization called Humor for Humanity.

I was thinking of asking him to do a fundraiser at the Comedy Attic to help me fight the good fight with this foot injury.  I need support along the lines of:
 A new scooter.  New miniature van for transport of the scooter and wheel chair. Spa and massage appointments.  Hot Tub Installation.  House Call Pedicures. We could call the night something like Avulsion Aversion starring Jimmy Tingle.  I'm going to work on a better title, but I'm really starting to warm up to the idea.


Mary Moeller said...

As a Cubs fan, this one was difficult to take. I'm not sure I can support the Mets.

Anonymous said...

I had to ask MJ why you were wearing a Mets shirt yesterday. She said she wasn't sure but thought it went well with the black skirt, tights and boots. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

KC said...

You deserve it.

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