Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Pinnacle

Today is Pinnacle Day.  I'm back to work.  I'm feeling fine and I'm ready to get back with the Thirdlanders.  My only concern is the boot and the ankle therewithin.  If anyone touches the boot or comes close to touching it, we're going to have some issues.  Seriously.  We are going to go there.

You may recognize that I'm riffing off Effie Brown, Producer of Project Greenlight.  She has the most fascinating way of expressing her opinions.  When she's getting annoyed, she just smiles and says stuff like, "Seriously?  We're going there?  We're going to have this conversation?"  And then the people just seem to slip slide away from her.  So I may try that today if people get near the boot and the ankle therewithin. I'll say stuff like, "Seriously?  You're standing near the boot?  Are we going to have this conversation right now?  Is that what you're telling me?"

If you haven't been watching Project Greenlight, get on board.  If you want.  Interesting stuff.  Anyway.  In short.  Going back to work.  Worried about boot and ankle therewithin.  May experiment with an Effie Brown approach to management.  Ready to go.  Doing my best, forgetting the rest.


Anonymous said...

It's the smile that makes all of the difference.

mm said...

I know the Thirdlanders will be extra careful. They're going to be happy to quite happy to have you back.

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