Sunday, October 04, 2015

The News

Foto Credit:  C. Butler  (Titled by LH:  Hilarity Ensued)

This is a section of the blog called "I Read the News Today, Oh Boy."  Because this morning I sat and read some news and drank coffee and in short I just relaxed.  Still relaxing right now if you want to know the God's honest truth.

Okay, so what did I read today?  Let's get right into it.  With a bulleted list. Don't delay, list it today.

    Photo Credit:  C. Butler (Titled by LH:  My Sculpture on the B-Line)
  • Modern Love.  Today's piece was by Elinor Lipman.  Come to find out, she's in a wonderful relationship right now.  She's also author to some books that I must check out ASAP.  I now follow Elinor on twitter, so we'll probably meet up at some point for coffee.  

  • An article about the elections.  According to the predictor chart, it will be Hilary vs Jeb/Marco. But  Patrick Healy says the DEMS are dealing with a revolt in the party, with people wanting more progressivism. I'm going to stay in the Bernie camp for now.  I'll keep you posted.

  • A John Tierney column about how recycling isn't worth the time and energy we spend on it.  It was the kind of dismal thing that can get me down and out, but is probably important to think about. I hear what you're saying John Tierney, but for now I'm going to continue with my recycling program. Come to find out, I should focus more on paper recycling.  I've been needlessly focusing most on glass and plastic.  In short, reducing and reusing may give us more bang for the buck. 
So, that's what I read about. 


Anonymous said...

It sounds lovely. I plan on reading a large portion of the day today.

Mary Moeller said...

Maybe this should be a weekly thing. I could learn as you read the newspaper.

mm said...

Ooops! I posted in the wrong account. Plus, I wanted to add that I'm in the Bernie camp too.

cb said...

This is an excellent list. Reading the Sunday papers is so enjoyable. Seeing those photos makes me very happy too.

KC said...

Love it. And now I just want to meet cynthia too.

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