Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Decorative napkin and handy marker.  An unexpected pairing, yet oddly strongly connected. Almost as if they were the same object, in a sense.

Okay, update on the old avulsions.  Why do I say avulsions rather than avulsion???  Because I found out yesterday that I have TWO avulsions!  One on each side of my ankle.  I wondered why both sides of my ankle were swollen like there's no tomorrow.

Anyway, I have a new boot that keeps my ankle steady. I have a scooter that gives me some freedom and flair.
I've fallen off it once, but things are looking up.  Doc says to keep off my ankle for ten days.  I can do this now that I have the proper accessories.  (Pain has decreased remarkably, she wrote, sighing with relief.)

I do have to put in a good word for whoever invented this scooter.  WELL DONE!  Crutches get a 0 on the fist of 5.  The RollAbout gets a solid 5.  The question I'm wondering about is this.  Is the scooter a new invention or an innovation of the traditional crutch?  Invention or Innovation?  I keep mulling this over.

Another thing I keep thinking about is the amazing strength of Bert Shepard, of Dana, Indiana, who pitched in a major league game without a LEG!  I've got even more admiration for Bert since I incurred my running injury.  Bert didn't even have a RollAbout.  We salute thee, Bert.  Today and every day.


cb said...

Not a fan of the avulsion plurality but that scooter is very nice. I bet you make it look even jazzier.

nancy reynolds said...

Flair. I am a fan.

Anonymous said...

Freedom. It's a big deal.

KC said...

One of my former students had a scooter this fall and kept falling off it incessantly. Finally, she just had to get a wheelchair because it was just too hazardous. But, she's uncommonly clumsy. Most scooter users have no problems at all.

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