Monday, October 26, 2015

The Daughter

Did you know that 20 Something is coming home on Friday?  She's coming to see #1 perform in his senior recital.

(#1's Senior Recital details here).  Please come if you can stay up until 8:30 pm. For me, that's a stretch, but you know my motto.  Support, don't thwart.

Besides my glee about the recital and the return of 20, I'm happy about a few pertinent things right now.

  •     I'm wearing a beautiful new scarf.
  •     I am mostly organized for the upcoming week.
  •     I have a new red ruck sack.  
  •     The fall leaves are shining out in all their glory right now.
  •      Husbandman just brought over my second cup of coffee.
  •      I'm about to put on my air cast boot, which keeps my ankle secure and protected throughout the day.  

More stuff will probably bring me happiness later.  It's Move It Along Monday.  Let's get a move on, People.

1 comment:

mm said...

I would like to see the picture of the red ruck sack.