The Challenge

Huddle up peeps, this is kind of neat. Word Savvy KC and I have been talking about
having another blogging challenge in April. We're going to post each day about stuff we read.
Sure I'm nervous. I don't read that much, but we're interpreting the notion of "reading" fairly liberally. I mean we could be blogging about anything, when it comes right down to it. But we're going to try to make it about reading. Pronto Pup might be joining us as well. I haven't heard the final low down on that. If you would like to join us with this literacy blogging challenge, we would indeed cheerfully and sincerely celebrate you as a member of the #1 blogging team in the midwest. If you're not a blogger, always, always remember that you can be a commenter. And your friends and kin can also be commenters. So, read every day in April. Comment as much as possible. Support literacy.


Anonymous said…
I'm looking forward to reading your blogs. Since April is national Poetry Month, I hope you will include some poetry among your readings and bloggings.

Anonymous said…
Can't resist sharing this little Billy Collins poem with you.
Dear Reader,
Baudelaire considers you his brother, and Fielding calls out to you every few paragraphs as if to make sure you have not closed the book, and now I am summoning you up again, attentive ghost, dark silent figure standing in the doorway of these words.

Made me think of you April bloggers who are "standing in the doorway of these words" you are preparing to read.

LH said…
Wow! I love that poem very much.
Anonymous said…
I forgot to ask--will there be a prize???? You were the winner last time,no??
LH said…
We haven't actually decided what "winning" means or if there is winning in this challenge. Of course if you read pronto pup, he can probably define winning pretty quickly, in his own personal terms.
I'm going to blog about a poem. Because Dorothy said it was a good idea. And because i only have about one hour to go.
KC said…
I'm also going to comment everyday on the challenge blogs.

There's another challenge blog: Mary's. I will link her ASAP. And I'm really happy that Gina joined.

What's the status with TD? I've never been so excited by a comment.
dw said…
Umm, I resent that. Also, I have already drafted tomorrow's blog, which means that I am still winning. But there should be a prize. And it should be awesome. And I should win it.

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