Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Imposters

We saw Elvis Costello last night.  He played so many fabulous songs.
Today has been quiet.  I should be packing for my trip down to see Ann and Dan, but instead, I'm watching The Leftovers, reading, and noodling about the house.  I ate some almonds.
Tomorrow I'm going to have to kick it into gear PDQ.  I'm heading south.


KC said...

Should I watch the Leftovers? Too dark? I did love the book, but I loved it for the dark HUMOR. Is there that in the show?

Judy Williams said...

Did this book end with Nora showing Tom the baby? I feel like my kindle lost a few pages.

LH said...

KC, it is dark, and really veers from the book, but we are now hooked on season 2. I say go for it.

JW, Yes, I think it did! I love the ending of that book!!!!

mm said...

It seems as though you are doing a lot of traveling... enjoy!

Judy Williams said...

Jolting I say.

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