Thursday, June 08, 2017

Another Day on Orcas Island

If you have another day on Orcas Island, check out Crescent Beach.  You will see many Great Blue Herons. Spend the afternoon whale watching.  If you're lucky, you'll see a humpback whale, repeatedly showing off its fluke. If you're extra lucky, you'll see orca families popping up together in their charming way.  Besides the whales, you may see bald eagles, harbor seals, harbor porpoises and one mink walking along next to the dock.  Don't forget to look for the oystercatchers.  They don't eat oysters, but they have attractive orange beaks that you can't miss.

After your whale watching trip, there will be no point in doing much else, so just head back to your garden cottage and nap for a few hours.  Let it all sink in.  Start planning for your next trip to Orcas Island. Or, just decide to stay.  There are some great articles about guests refusing to leave a vacation rental home.  There's not much the owner can do.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous! But please come home.

Judy Williams said...

I would miss you but I would understand.

mm said...

I'd say stay long enough to make the owner's feel a bit uncomfortable.

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