Monday, June 12, 2017

The Drive

I drove 399.7 miles today.  Ended up in Chattanooga.  Listened to a great interview with the author of Hue, 1968.  Truly fascinating.  You should probably read this book if you feel like it. That was one hideous war, let me tell you.

Now I'm in a hotel room.  I could have driven the whole way, but I felt tired and just wanted to stop.  Good thing I did, because I'm now watching the Warriors play against the Cavaliers.  I'm rooting for the Warriors, but I like Lebron James too.


mm said...

I'm going to look into Hue, 1968.

Ms. W. said...

One of my BFFs is moving to Chattanooga. Should I visit?

Judy Williams said...


The Clickiness

So today I got on a plane and flew to Austin, Texas.  First thing I did when I got here was check into my pleasant hotel.  Then I went to ...