Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Cold

It has turned blustery cold these past few days and the Thirdlanders aren't too happy about it.

When I planned for an extra recess one morning this week, several Thirdlanders argued that they would rather stay inside.  I for one wanted some fresh air so I made the decision that we should venture out.  Most Thirdlanders were happy; a few grumbled bitterly, making comments about frostbite.

I wrote to my mom yesterday, telling her that I made some kiddos mad about going out in the cold.  She wrote back, "Well, 24 degrees really is cold, so I don't blame them.  And please don't make the kids mad.  Many families have handguns now and something bad could happen."

My mom always puts a new spin on things.  As usual, she makes a good point.  Thanks, MOM!  Ho!  Ho!  Ho!


KC said...

Haven't you been worrying about getting shot for years? Every few years, I have a kid who hates me. I always wonder whether this kid has any guns at home. One time, a kid wrote in his papers about shooting me. We had to have a meeting with his parents about whether they owned any guns. It's a real problem that your mom brings up. She's always thinking.

mm said...

I agree with those kiddos... It's cold and blustery out there.

Anonymous said...

Your mom speaks the truth.

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