Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Choices

I was looking over the Santa collection on the mantel last week.  "I wish I could find another great Santa for the collection," I mused to Husbandman.

"You have enough Santas," he illogically replied.  "In fact, I've been thinking that you should choose one each year to get rid of, and then when you get down to zero Santas, you should start collecting them again. You should start now.  Which one do you choose to throw away first?"

This kind of comment from Husbandman is really not helpful. For a sad moment, I felt the pain of the main character in Sophie's Choice and a devitalizing sensation of glumness and dismay surged through me from head to toe.

Then I pulled out of it.  Obviously there are some great Santas out there and I just need to work harder to track them down.


mm said...

I'm sure Husbandman was merely using his ridiculous idea as fodder for this morning's blog. In no way was he serious. Thank you Husbandman for today's blog.

KC said...

I've got a fever, and the only cure is more santas.

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