Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Socks

It's Socktober, so we're collecting socks and soup for the Community Kitchen.  We've got 167 pairs of socks and 122 cans of soup.  All three third grades are part of Socktober.  There are still a few days left in October.  If you want to give socks to somebody, do it ASAP.  Don't let Socktober slip away.  

We saw a good movie this week and it is called Don't Blink.  It's a documentary about the photographer Robert Frank.  This guy is creative and he is fascinating and he is inspiring.  You should see this movie if you feel like it.  I am thinking about buying a little tin roof shack somewhere near the ocean somewhere in Northern Canada.  I need a new setting to get my creativity going in full gear.

Have you carved your pumpkin?  A few years ago, a Thirdlander gave me some great roasted pumpkin seeds.  They were fantastic.  This year, I teach her brother, and I'm thinking about dropping a hint about the pumpkin seeds.  Seems like they would remember on their own that I liked the pumpkin seeds so much.


mm said...

I love Socktober!

KC said...

Get those pumpkin seeds! They're not allowed on my elimination diet, but I still want you to eat them!!

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