Sunday, October 23, 2016

The KickStarter

I'm thinking of starting a kickstarter or gofundme account.  But in my account, people wouldn't give me money.  They would give me heirlooms for my Heirlooms Gone Awry Gallery.  The gallery would be filled with heirlooms that didn't quite make the mark, stuff people gave to you that were special to them, but to you they're just things that you have to have around your house for the rest of your life.  The heirlooms have to be passed down at least twice to be in the museum.  This might be hard to get going, but there's potential for glory somewhere down the line.  FYI: This idea is still in the development stage.


mm said...

I'm going to start looking for something to add to your collection.

KC said...

The idea is really something. Let's get the museum going. I'm sure I can find something. Actually, do you have room for a Civil War era desk that I can't use but am not allowed to throw away?

jdoc said...

We have dental tools for the collection. Used ones.