Sunday, October 09, 2016

The Return

Wedge Rock.   Glaciers had their hand in all of this.

So here I am back in action on the blog. WAY TO GO, ME!!!! Forward Ever, Backward Never!  

So what's been going on?  In the past two weeks, I've been doing a lot and I'm now presenting my activities in the form of a bulleted list.  If you've seen me around, you know I've been:

  • proofreading the book, line by line, finding and fixing, fretting over each and every sentence
  • toiling away at the nonsensical report cards that I dislike, but have accepted as my reality
  • picnicking at Turkey Run State Park 
  • chuckling at Jessie Eisenberg and Todd Barry at the Comedy Attic
  • thinking about #1 Son and Twenty Something
  • worrying about my mom who fell recently
  • loving the fall weather
  • refereeing four square games
  • learning about global citizenship
  • getting involved in sundry antics with Husbandman
  • trying to stay away from five thirty eight

Life is good.  And like DT, there's zero percent chance that I'll back out of this blog.  So don't worry about that my friends. We're #strongertogether, so keep reading the blog and never doubt that there will be another post sooner, rather than later. 


Julie said...

Yay to all of it except mom falling. Is she ok? Enjoy this amazing beautiful weather my friend!

Anonymous said...

You need to get Robert DeNiro over to your Mom's house, pronto. Some "punch DT in the face conversation" can do a body good.
-- MEM in CA

Judy Williams said...

Bullet point
*being a great friend

heart, jw

bluebirdwoman said...

Glad to see the post!!

cb said...

What a relief! We depend on you excellent blog <3


Mary Moeller said...

I agree with CB. I also depend on this excellent blog.

KC said...

I'm relieved that you're back, as well. Hope the fall was not too serious.

cb said...

"your" excellent blog. :)

But it is true that we depend on you as well.

Also, it's okay to check 538 these days . . . Indiana has turned a lighter shade of red. Gotta keep hope alive!


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