Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Proof

Huddle up, Peeps, I've got to tell you something.  I hate proofreading.  I don't have a ton of little pesky errors because I read everything over 50,000 times as I'm writing, but I do have many sentences that don't sound quite right.  And I have many headings that don't perfectly match up with the corresponding content. I have photos that need interesting captions. I also have a Table of Contents that needs to be adjusted for the thousandth time.  It's all making me a nervous wreck so I keep checking in on our democracy, which adds more to my hideous stress.  What we've got going is a truly vicious cycle.

But here's some good news.  #1 Son came home at 2 am.  We had lunch together.  He's here for some musical performances aka gigs.  And here's the other good news.  I only have one more chapter to proofread and it shouldn't be too bad.  Maybe. The proof will be in the pudding.  Whatever.  I'm sick to my stomach just thinking about proofreading it.  Don't even get me started on fixing the Table of Contents after I'm done with that. Please. I beg of you. Do not get me started.

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lee said...

Update: Everything got sent off. Yeeha!
My editor wrote to me that she couldn't look at my stuff this week
because she's editing Ralph Fletcher's latest book.

If you're not a teacher, you probably don't know Ralph Fletcher, but he
is the most amazing writer and writing teacher. And I have the same editor he

Happy thing to think about.

Now I'll probably be bummed out when I get her revision suggestions in a week or so, but let's just live in the moment. Today's a good day.

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