Monday, September 07, 2015


Labor Day with Lupe.  Lupe's here in my chair being the best dog ever.  I'm trying to talk her in to visiting me again in Indiana.  My hometown date is coming to a close.  I've had tea, taken walks, eaten at fun restaurants, watched a lot of movies, done a lot of talking. In short I've relaxed.  THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!

My mom has been ill, but as has been stated since time immemorial, you can't keep a good woman down.  Mom just put out the Stars and Stripes for Labor Day.  True to her spirit, Mom's letting her freak flag fly. I plan to do the same. Now she's offered to make me breakfast. My mom can barely lift up the milk container, but when I try to help she reminds me, "I can still do things."

Today on this Labor Day of 2015, I salute the indomitable spirit of my mom. She knows how much I love her and I know how much she loves me. Nothing's been left unsaid.  Nothing's been left unfelt.

Speaking of feelings, I wish my mom felt better and I wish I didn't have to go home today.


Anonymous said...

Love this blog post. Just love it!!!

mm said...

I'm glad that you were able to spend the weekend with your mom (and of course your dad and Lupe).

Sandy Lewis said...

Such a sweet and good daughter you are! Very beautiful tribute:)

cb said...

What a hearfelt and sweet post. Love to you!

KC said...

I love your mom, you, and Lupe. This is great writing.